Monday, July 22, 2013

Yes, I'm Pursuing a Communication Degree, and Yes, I Plan to Use It

I hate when well-intentioned people ask what I study at school. I'd rather they didn't ask at all. When I answer "Media Communication and Journalism," I usually get a contrived answer of encouragement that leaves me feeling a little less than encouraged.

Today was no different. During my doctor's appointment, the doctor asked what I was studying at school. To minimize the awkwardness of the situation, I quickly responded "Communication" to which he laughed. Not just any laugh. It was a deep belly laugh.

After he regained his composure, he apologized. He claimed that his son studied communication and he couldn't do anything with it. "Communication is the new English major," he said, claiming it was a degree relatively useless to have. I wanted to point out that English is still very much a major, but instead I told him my goals. They exist. I'm not just floating through an expensive school for the fun of it (even though it is fun). In fact, I've had some great experiences in college. I've reported from the London Olympic Games. I have an awesome internship. I'm excited for things to come.

Honestly, it's not any better when I throw in the Journalism tidbit. Watergate may have put the profession in the spotlight in the 70s, but the decline of its vehicle, the newspaper, has led people to falsely believe that journalism is in decline as well.

According to Merriam-Webster, journalism is defined as "the collection and editing of news for presentation through the media." While historically a large component of journalism, newspaper is not synonymous with journalism. 

In fact, magazine readership is up largely due to niche marketing, online readership is becoming more and more popular and people are still turning on their televisions. 

In May, when I graduate with my bachelor's degree in Communication, I will graduate with a cross-platform skill set much different from the journalists of the past. Because of our multimedia culture, journalists have to be jack of all trades. Recently, The Chicago Sun-Times fired its photographers to train its reporters in iPhone photography. It's not good enough to be a one-trick pony, and that's exciting. 

You see, my degree doesn't come with a set job. It is what I make of it. But isn't that how life works?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


You may have seen my Facebook posts of pictures from the West and cryptic statuses posted from odd locations, and then posts from home and then from California again. The whiplash you're feeling from that sentence is the feeling I have right now, as I reflect upon the last month of my life. 

Phillip's internship is in Los Angeles (super cool, right?), and we had to get there. In 3 days. Plans changed and I ended up going last-minute. We flew to Kentucky to get Phillip's car. Stayed with my roommate and her family and took off the next morning to Nebraska, where my aunt Sally lives. 

From there we drove to Colorado Springs, where Cindy, my first cousin once removed lives. 

Because it was our shortest driving day, she and her husband drove us around the Air Force Academy and Garden of the Gods. Phillip had never seen the Rockies before and fell in love with them and their snowcapped peaks. 

He was a little cold in his shorts.

We then had our longest, most awful driving day through Utah, Arizona and Nevada to Los Angeles. We stopped at a lot of the scenic stops in Utah. The rock formations were beautiful in their own way, but my skin missed its humidity. A lot. 

We stopped in Las Vegas for Phillip's first In-N-Out experience. (He's not a big hamburger fan.) After dinner we drove straight to Burbank and we stayed with my uncle, David. 

I flew out the next morning (Sunday), and we each started our internships on Monday. What a whirlwind! 

But I'm not done...

I had already booked a ticket to come and visit Phillip previous to knowing that I would be his cross-country traveling companion. Last weekend my mom and I flew out to San Diego because of a Christian Librarian Conference she had there. We drove up to LA to visit Phillip and David. I stayed in LA for a few days.

It was a good visit. 

My sleep pattern is still recovering. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm Back

Let's just say, this school year was busy. When it all ended a few weeks ago, I found myself asking "Where did the time go?"

At family gatherings I was asked why I hadn't blogged since August. While a big part of the reason is personal laziness, here are a few other, little reasons why I have neglected my blog (in no particular order):

1.) Club Swim
One of my talented friends created an online mockumentary miniseries for an independent study that has been syndicated on Swimming World magazine's website and has gained attention from the swimming community. You don't have to be a swimmer to love it, too! Visit Club Swim's website for episodes, additional information and a super interesting blog. Seriously,  read the blog ;)
Logo courtesy of Club Swim, LLC

2.) Collegian
The Asbury Collegian had another great year, winning several national awards. It's always a good time in the News Bureau.
OK, so these aren't our national awards. Photo courtesy of Melissa Landon. 

3.) AU Swimming
Collegiate athletics take up a lot of time, but most of the time it is worth it. I finished up my last season with Asbury as a NAIA Scholar-Athlete and Appalachian Swimming Conference Scholar-Athlete.
I will say I won't miss tech suits. 

4.) This kid. 
He's the best.